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Welcome to Martin Garage Doors Indonesia

It’s not unusual for a garage door to make up nearly half of a home’s facade. New garage doors command a lot of attention and can significantly increase the curb appeal of your home.

Martin Garage Doors are the world’s finest and safest garage doors with the best warranty available. Martin Doors are built to
last, looking as beautiful 20 years from now as they did when they were installed. Further, there are more than 30 elegant window
choices and over 60 color options available to match any home’s exterior. Couple our beauty and longevity with the fact that
Martin Doors are the safest doors in the industry, why would you consider any other door?



Made in the USA, Martin’s high quality garage doors are available in steel, extruded aluminium, copper and glass.

Martin offers an extensive line of Carriage House and glass garage doors. Our award winning designs are something you’ll want to tell your friends about. Martin builds a door that is green, handles high winds and the elements and is adaptable to conditions throughout the world. Many models come with a lifetime warranty. Its value makes it a best buy for the consumer. Find the peace of mind that comes with owning a door offering enduring beauty, quality and peace of mind.

Find out more about Martin from a variety of sources, including YouTube and facebook. Download pictures for your Apple iPad or Android Tablet from our image gallery or to see all the options available. Martin Doors are built in Salt Lake City, Utah but the company’s roots date back to 1936 and Los Angeles, California under the name of Martin Overhead Garage Doors. We have a full line of garage door styles available at competitive prices.


best doors service. The thing that attracted me to Martin Doors was the fact that i could design my own garage door online . I knew this company was dedicated to providing a service beyond your usual door manufacturer. After designing my perfect door i received order confirmation and was contacted for further arrangements, it was all super easy and the door looks perfect
Angela Christen
AWESOME GARAGE DOORS. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. I am so happy with my garage doors. I am impressed how strong my garage door are, my son bounced his basketball off the side of the garage door and it did not dent it. If you have kids Martin Garage Doors is the only way to go.
Debra Scott
Fabulous Garage Doors. The aluminum carriage house garage doors are my favorite. I have worked on my neighbors garage door helping him to install a antique hinges and handles and the door construction was just awesome. I hope my garage door breaks soon so I can buy a Martin.
Cary Peterson
World class service!. I definitely love how my garage door looks like now. It actually made a statement because all of my neighbors are asking me where did I get this from. I just replied to them with a smile saying, "you got to know Martin!". The next day I saw the same crew member of yours working on my neighbor's garage door. They sure did took my word of advise. Thanks to you, we all have great looking garage doors, not to mention the service that you delivered of course. All of you were comradely enough to ask and found out exactly what I needed. Noone else comes close in your prowess. Simply magnificent!
Louie Adamson

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