Quality & Performance

Enduring Quality – Peace of Mind

Martin doesn’t cut corners or scrimp on the hardware for the world’s best garage door.

Martin hardware is made of high-grade steel, our lift cables are thicker-than-industry cables, and every single component of the hardware for the door system has been engineered with longevity in mind.

That attention to detail includes Martin’s Finest Warranty on the industry’s best torsion spring.  Insuring a lifetime of reliability and superior curb appeal.

●  Safe galvanized torsion springs provide 20 year average cycle life (20,000 cycles).

●  Safe, strong commercial grade hardware.

●  Safe, strong, patented, adjustable top strut is standard on doors over 12’2” (3,708mm) wide

●  Safe, hardened fasteners, with serrations.

  Safe inside lift cable, even on low clearance tracks.

●  Safe, rolled edges, rounded corners and de-burred edges on steel parts.

●  Warning labels provided for owner’s safety.

●  Safe bottom roller brackets fasten tight to back of door and under door.

●  Safe double flange side bearing brackets fasten to track and jamb.

●  All bearing and roller are packed in high / low temperature grease.

  12” (305mm) clearance required above the door. Optional low clearance track kits: 7 ½” (190mm), 4 ¼” (108mm), 2 ½” (63mm).

●  Martin reverse angle is available for stronger, more professional jamb and track installation. For wood or non-wood jambs.

●  Optional outside locks in chrome, black or antique brass.

●  Hi-TensilTM steel for increased section strength.

●  Patented section design fastens hinge, stile and section together.

●  Owner’s packet fastened to the inside of door.

●  Hundreds of sizes to choose from up to 24’22”(7,366mm) wide and up to 18’(5,486mm) high plus custom sizes..

●  Doors are manufactured 2” (51mm) wider than normal door openings. Expensive door stop not required. Owners enjoy a 2” wider door opening at less cost.

●  Precision matched tongue and groove section joints.

●  12” (305mm) radius tracks. Spring, bracket, fasteners, etc., are packed in a unique uni-pack hardware box for doors up to 8’ (2,438mm) high.



Martin Hardware

  Sealed ball-bearing rollers*

●  Commercial-grade reverse angle shields*

  Case-hardened fasteners

  14 gauge steel hinges

  10 gauge steel roller brackets*

  14/17 gauge hemmed-rolled edge tracks

●  100,000 cycle rating on hardware*


* Some door models have lighter gauge componenets and can be upgraded.

Lifetime Spring System


Martin Garage Door Springs

Tested to a higher standard, Martin’s dual, side-mounted, galvanized torsion springs provide unparalleled longevity and safety during the life of your garage door.


* See manufacturer’s written warranty for details and limitations. 


Three years of Saudi Arabian weather- these two doors were installed at the same time.

Long-Lasting Finish

Martin finish has superior UV protection, corrosion resistance, providing a long lasting, durable finish.

 Five standard enamel colors, two-coats baked-on enamel

 Seventy-seven powder coat finishes

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