The Martin garage door opener DC2500e is a 1/2 HPs DC powered motor with steel reinforced belt. The DC2500e is designed to quietly lift most single and double car garage doors.

All Martin garage door openers are powered by quiet DC motors. Although DC power is generally measured in Newtons of force, the DC2500e has horsepower comparable to a 1/2 HP AC model. The DC powered system includes soft start and stop operation for less opening and closing noise and longer garage door life.

When installed with a Martin garage door, Martin openers come with Soft-Touch Reverse Technology™. This safety feature stops and reverses the door when closing, or stops the door when opening if the door encounters a soft touch interuption. With this optional feature installed, the need for photo eyes is eliminated on doors up to 420 pounds.

The Martin “Smart Computer” control panel is a user friendly feature on the power head that helps you set the travel limits and adjust the force setting if necessary.


Martin Garage Door Opener DC2500e features

Lifting Power : 1/2 HP* DC Power (*comparable to 1/2 HP AC motor)
Type of Drive : Belt
Light Source : 60 Watt (max) Single light with adjustable time delay


Security Features :

 Rolling code remote controls & wireless, keyless entry controllers

 Security Vacation Lock


Safety Features :

 Martin “Smart computer” control on the power head

 Digital Intelligence System that monitors opening and closing force

 Infrared photo eye protection system (unless installed with Soft-Touch Technology™)

 Manual emergency door release


Warranty :

 1 Year warranty


Special Features :

 Direct Current (DC) Motor

 One Remote Transmitter

 Standard Wall Control Button

 Quiet Belt Drive

 Soft start and stop for quieter operation and longer door life

●  Can be used on doors up to 10′ tall


Options :

●  Soft-Touch Technology™ when opener is installed with a Martin garage door

 Wireless, Keyless Entry System

 Three Button Keychain Transmitters

 Two or Four Button Remote Control Options

 Chain drive rail

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